Cities introduce RushSouth brand

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Denise DuBois

If you spend time in the downtown Phenix City area and along the river in Columbus, RushSouth is a name you’re going to hear more often. 

On Saturday night, Uptown Columbus, Phenix City Economic Development, and partners announced the rebranding of the river park. 

“You really have a significant amount of activity within both of these communities that creates a sense of rush. Whether that be a rush from the amphitheater if you get a great show or if you’re rafting or hearing the sound of a rush when you’re zip lining. All of those components to create this feeling of a rush,” said Shaun Culligan, Director of Economic Development. 

Before the announcement was made, Culligan and Uptown Columbus  President and CEO Ross Horner took friends on a golf cart tour of the RiverWalk Loop. The tour began crossing over the Dillingham Street Bridge, showcasing the Phoenix Wings mural on the retaining wall in the Phenix City Amphitheater parking lot, then visiting RiverPark Rendezvous. At RiverPark Rendezvous, there was music and people laying in hammocks enjoying the shade and river views. 

The tour included scenes of people ziplining and traveling across the Phenix City RiverWalk’s walking bridge where Culligan and Horner made the rebrand announcement to those on the tour. 

Horner said there was a committee of people from both sides of the river.

“When we started this, there were two brands: ‘Whitewater Alabama’ and ‘Whitewater Columbus, GA.’ Both have the same goal to bring people here and experience this wonderful whitewater course that we have,” he said. 

With leaders in the community preaching regionalism, it made sense for the Phenix City and Columbus communities to come together and pull resources to make the river park known. 

“We have one product, and we were spending all our funds to market the same product in two separate ways. Then we decided to pull our resources and hitch it to the same horse,” Culligan said. “This is the perfect example of two communities and states combining efforts. It’s a cool feeling that we felt was best described as a rush. Whatever takes place within this district is RushSouth. I think it’s an example of something you can physically do if you’re looking for an adventure and fun. RushSouth.”

After the tour, a party ensued on the RiverWalk and at the RiverWalk Island in Columbus.