Tim Cole: Heavenly minded, earthly good

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Too earthly minded to be any heavenly good. This phrase can be a criticism by someone who is looking at another person’s faults and judging them from their spiritual perspective.

We are all at different spiritual levels in our walk with God. It can be the condition of a lukewarm Christian. Maybe you have gotten complacent in your relationship with God. The things of this world have become more prominent in your life than your love for God. When the things of this world capture us and distract us from having a heart filled with heavenly desires we need to repent. Ask God to forgive you. Pray, seek God, put Him first, fall in love with Jesus again, block out time and spend it with God in prayer, worship, and in the Word of God.

Some people fall away from God because of hurt or tragedy in their lives. They wonder if God still cares about them. Some things in life are hard to understand. Let me encourage you though; don’t walk away from the only person who can help you.

If you will hide yourself in His arms of love He will bring healing to you. Over a period of time He will answer your questions or give you so much peace about it all that it doesn’t even matter anymore. It may be a battle, but you can do it and you are worth it and Jesus is worth it.

Too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. This can be a criticism from people who are more logical toward people who are more spiritual in their approach to life. Being heavenly minded is of value in this life and in the life to come. Being able to look at everyday life with common sense is a gift too. A balance between the two is a great accomplishment.

The person who has truly allowed Jesus to become their life will experience abundant life. Jesus didn’t come to make life boring or dull. Jesus makes life wonder-filled. All of if it, even the hard parts. Sometimes people who are so heavenly minded that they don’t deal well with everyday life need healing inside. They have experienced rejection and hurt by other people and even life. They hide in God.

Hiding in God is a healing place, but hiding from life and people is a defense mechanism. Jesus took stripes on His back for our mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well as our physical healing. Jesus heals the broken heart and sets at liberty, to live again, those who have been bruised by people and life.

Cry out to God and receive His healing stripes to touch your human spirit and mind with his delivering power. The Lord is my Shepherd; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.