Denise DuBois: God already knows the times He has appointed

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I’m not even going to lie to you – new things are scary! Have you ever decided to take a leap of faith in your life, whether it’s a new job, moving to another place, getting into a new relationship? You know good and well that those things can scare you to death.

There’s anxiety involved. You can’t eat or you feel sick to your stomach. Maybe you push it all away and focus on something easy because you know the new thing is coming. I feel like I’m one of the most joyful people in the world, but new things scare me. I could try to tell you how to breathe and overcome your fear. Or I could tell you that it’s not going to be that big one day. Both of those things are certainly true, but you sure wouldn’t listen to me in the moment. Advice is so easy to give when you’re not the one who has to take it. And taking advice is hard because you’re the one in the trenches.

How do you quell your fears when you’re making a big decision? Do you make a pro and con list? Do you seek wisdom from others who have been there? Do you get all the facts laid out and make small calculated steps toward your new thing? I’d certainly like to know.

My default is prayer. I pray over everything. A friend laughed at me once because I was explaining a conversation to her about someone who picked on me about praying so often. She reminded me that as a Baptist, we pray for the rain and we pray for it to stop. It was funny, and it’s true. When I’m staring a new decision in the face, or when I’m trying something new, I’m certainly praying over it every step of the way hoping that the great Lord and Creator is speaking louder than my fears.

In the past, every new decision I’ve had to make turned out fine. I didn’t know it at the time, of course. But looking back, it never was quite as big as I thought it would be. You couldn’t tell me that, though.

I was praying over something Tuesday, and got really excited when I was reminded that God already knows how it’s going to turn out. I already know that in my mind, but I had to be reminded by His voice. He already knows how my situation is going to turn out. That instantly brought me infinite peace about what I was dealing with, so I hope that I’ve not been dwelling over it for the last few days (between writing this column and it being seen in the paper).

I hope that I can tell you the big things one day really aren’t quite so big and the new things aren’t quite so scary. I wrote about it a few weeks ago – having 20 seconds of insane courage. Well, here we are again. If you’re facing a new thing or a big decision, pray over it and have a few good seconds of bravery and take that leap of faith. Take comfort in knowing that our awesome God already knows how it turns out.

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