Gallery, City Hall to host art reception on April 13 for students

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By Denise DuBois

On April 13, Smiths Station City Hall will host The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art and community members at 6 p.m. ET to celebrate art during a reception honoring up to 50 exhibiting fine art students. The event is free, family friendly and open to the public. Through April and May, the community can see the artists’ creations displayed at City Hall.

“The fact that these works were all created here in the heart of Smiths Station bears significance. Our students travel from miles around to attend our studio classes. And many are transplanted, so to speak, whether they land here through military service or otherwise. Quite frequently, I’m reminded of the power of place. Those who visit the gallery seem to find exactly what they were looking for when they take up the brush or pencil in our studio. In that regard, Smiths Station has a Fine Arts destination. And it is truly an honor to have an extension of that located at City Hall. Smiths Station has long been a rural haven for many wanting to settle just outside the glow of the larger city lights. Yet, our community is rich with cultural appreciating inhabitants. And for that reason, the City of Smiths Station in collaboration with the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art endeavor to bridge that gap by making events such as this accessible and more readily available,” said gallery owner Sarah West.

All exhibiting students are part of the Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Program and range in age from five to 80 years old. The gallery has been curating art at City Hall throughout 2017.