Sarah West: Wayfarer’s annotations

Reading Time: 1 minute

At various points in life, we find ourselves seemingly at odds with the rest of the world, isolated by the magnetic currents which navigate our journey within. We feel we are going at it alone, and for a time, perhaps we are. The loneliness is often an illusion, a curtain cast by our longings and desire to become what we aspire to be.

We immerse ourselves in our work. We take to new lessons and apply what we learn with enthusiasm. Each experience yields new growth. We evolve and venture farther down the paths we’ve forged.

Along the way, our encounters with other voyagers can seem sparce. However, on some seemingly fateful occasion, we discover a wayfarer on up ahead, whose path parallels  our own.

Pilgrims traverse a far away land. Our roots are influenced by the terrain we travail. The miles stamp lifelong impressions upon our faces, identifying marks that only kindred spirits know.

After a while, one can look back with retrospect, and recognize that both the isolation and fellowship informed the charting on one’s map.

Obscurities do not remain obscure once they have been discovered and unearthed. Records show there is little that has not been done, rendered, achieved or accomplished.

Yet we press on exploring new ground, and venture into the unknown.


Art is life expressed – Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art