Denise DuBois: The music takes me back

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I had a couple of days to lay around on the couch last weekend as I was sidelined with a pretty severe cold. It gave me the chance to browse iTunes from years and years ago.

When I was a teenager and maybe into my very early 20s, I bought CDs all the time. That’s where my money went. Do you all remember CDs? They were the round, shiny things you’d listen to in the car on a road trip. My audience here remembers, of course, because you’re probably my ago or older if you’re reading this. Anyway, I was reminiscing as I looked through the thousands of songs I’d moved from my CDs to my iTunes.

What were some of your favorite songs from your teenage years? I remember listening to all kinds of music. I loved bands like Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Puddle of Mudd, as well as Toby Keith, John Michael Montgomery, Hilary Duff, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5 and so many more. The music depended on the mood I was in, where I was headed and who I was with.

I remember listening nonstop to the album Songs About Jane, a Maroon 5 first. I remember belting out the lyrics, feeling every word, as I drove down the street in my silver Pontiac Sunfire with the windows rolled down.

I remember screaming some lyrics to Avril Lavigne’s music in my bedroom any time I was angry at some guy.

Finally, I remember being a junior in high school when a certain boy wrote me a note with the lyrics of two Incubus songs on them. That same feeling comes back every time I hear, “It reminded me twice that I was alive and reminded me that you’re so worth the fight” from “Echo.” I can still see the words written on the page.

Music has a way of taking us back to some pretty awesome places. If only we could be teenagers again with fewer responsibilities and the ability to lay on the bed all afternoon with our headphones in our ears enjoying the riffs and melodies.

Songs just aren’t the same today. I feel like I hear the same songs over and over because artists pay to have songs on YouTube more frequently. It’s probably time I fix my old timey iPod and listen to what I want.

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