Marian Carcache: Argiope spiders – the needed tonic

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I’ve written before about my love for the yellow and black “writer” spiders that show up this time of year to hang out in gardens and weave their stunning webs. At the end of every summer, I seek reasons to not be so sad about warm weather, long days, and fragrant Southern summer nights slipping away. One of those reasons is the Argiope spider.

Recently, we noticed two such spiders down the street from our house in a relatively public area. Worried that either somebody with an illogical fear of spiders or somebody who was just plain mean might do harm to them, my son researched how to safely relocate them.

Around dusk one afternoon, we “rescued” Spider #1 and brought her to our yard, leaving her in a protected area under a pecan tree. By the next evening, she had begun a new intricate web in a place near the house. Two evenings later, under cover of night, we brought Spider #2 to live in our yard.

The Argiope eats insects, is not aggressive, and is a wonder to behold. Even if one should become stressed enough to bite a person in self-defense, the venom is not poisonous to humans or pets.

So there are two new girls in our yard, spinning away at their circular webs with the zigzag down the middle, and they’re just the tonic I needed to cure my end-of-summer blues.

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