Glenwood dedicates new hoop house

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On Sept. 20, Glenwood Senior Class President Jackson Curtis surprised Headmaster Frankie Mitchum with a special honor.

Curtis presented a sign after chapel time recognizing the dedication of a hoop house at the private school. The school’s new garden is now known as the Frankie Mitchum Glenwood Educational Garden.

“Thank you for this,” Mitchum said.

He said he was looking forward to seeing the unique plans for how the watermelons will be grown. He said he’s never seen a watermelon vine growing off the ground before and is anxious to see how the growing method works out.

The project was started by a former biology teacher, and with the help of John Curtis of the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), funds were secured from a grant written by the teacher and Jackson Curtis. Other organizations like the Lee County Farmers Federation, Bonnie Plants and others contributed help.

According to Jackson Curtis, more than 200 pounds of vegetables were harvested from the garden already this year. Corn, okra, zucchini, squash and more have already been planted, with plans for more plants. There are currently two raised beds: one of sunflowers and another of other vegetables. In the hoop house, sixth graders planted tomato plants after the indoor presentation to Mitchum.

Georgia Lee Smith is the junior representative on the project and is set to take it over next year, according to John Curtis.