Editorial: We want you to know who the local candidates are

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Any time there is an election coming up, The Citizen strives to inform you, the voters, about the candidates so you can make an educated decision on who you’re voting for.

Russell County hasn’t had an amazing voter turnout in all the years I’ve been with the newspaper. The Presidential election every four years yields much better results, but we know there are a lot of registered voters who don’t show up at the polls. We also know there are a lot of people who can vote, but aren’t registered yet.

The Russell County Board of Registrars held a voter registration drive yesterday at Troy University. I’m not sure how many people registered to vote, because we print the newspaper on Tuesdays. Either way, we can do better.

That’s exactly why we do everything we can to let you know who the candidates are. This season is no different. If you remember at the end of May, we published an Election Edition that focused on all the candidates, who they were running against and what they wanted to see change in the offices for which they were running. That was for the Primary Election.

This month, we’re doing the same thing. On Oct. 25, we will publish our General Election Edition. It will feature the Democratic and Republican candidates who are vying for the jobs you’re going to vote them into. We will elect the state’s Governor and other officers in the statehouse. We’ll elect our local representation to the statehouse and to congress. We’ll even elect a few school board members, coroner and probate judge depending on the county in which you live.

We don’t want you not knowing who to vote for to be an excuse not to make it to the polls on Nov. 6. Elections are important, and we take the job of informing you very seriously.

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor