4-H Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply

Reading Time: 1 minute

By Toni Stauffer

The Tractor Supply Company in Phenix City will be the donation center for the 4-H Paper Clover Campaign. There will be a display and materials set up to give out information to the public. Customers can donate at checkout, which will help to send Alabama kids to 4-H camp and other leadership events. The campaign will run from March 27 to April 7.

“Supporting our local 4-H Tractor Supply fundraiser helps to support our efforts here for our 4-Hers. We use that funding to cover student travel to our leadership retreats,” Jennifer Davidson, Russell County Extension County Coordinator, said. “It’s very important for children to get the opportunity to get out of school leadership experience in order to build confidence and gain skills they need for their future life.”

Every spring and fall, Tractor Supply sells Paper Clovers in their stores to raise money for 4-H programs. According to the Tractor Supply website, they raised over $981,000 nationwide in their most recent campaign, and 90 percent of all funds raised go back to state and local 4-H program to support scholarships for camp and leadership activities.

For more information, contact the Russell County Extension Office at 334-298-6845.