Gary Miller: Doubt may be eliminated

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Every now and then a hunter has to either replace or add a new property to hunt. Sometimes it’s exciting to think about the possibilities and other times it’s a chore because of all the scouting and preparing that must be done before the season. And if the land is of any size, it usually takes years to fully understand the patterns of animals on that property.

 I’ve had to do this several times since I started hunting. And I’ve had to it this year. I’m going to turkey hunt a piece of land that I’ve never hunted, even though it is adjacent to one I’ve hunted for years. Since this turkey season will be my first opportunity on the property; it should help. 

Being able to roam around while calling for birds will force me to learn the boundaries and nuances a lot quicker than just sitting still during deer season. The best resource to understand the land, however, is still the owner. In my case, the farmer lives on the property and has eyes on it every day as he checks cattle. His home also sits in a place that gives him a good view of what’s going on. 

While I may look at the land with an analytical perspective, he’s view is pragmatic. I say, the animals ought to be right here. He says, that might be where they ought to be, but they are actually over there, because I see them in that location every day. 

Sometimes in life thing just don’t add up. What we think ought to be, isn’t. How things should operate, doesn’t. What should be the results, instead is something we never imagined. And all these things force us into that which we fear the most. Uncertainty. Uncertainty is a game changer. It not only thwarts growth, it paralyzes progress. It causes the once confident individual, to question every detail. Another word for uncertainty is doubt. So many times, we associate doubt with unbelief. We think it is it’s opposite. It’s not. The opposite of unbelief is belief. There’s a big difference. One author defined doubt this way. It is a hesitation or uncertainty between two positions. Of course, these two positions are belief and unbelief. 

What most people don’t understand about doubt is that, most of the time, it can be eliminated. How you ask? By pursuing knowledge without bias. And the best kind of unbiased knowledge comes from experts. They don’t care what “ought” to be; only for “what is” – much like my farmer. 

So, what are you doubting? Most likely there is an answer, and it will be one that will allow you to start again, your forward motion. Don’t wait too long. The season doesn’t last forever. 

By Gary Miller. He can be reached at