Sarah West: Refresh

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Eliminating the noise, finger swipes across glass; return to home screen, folded case, closed. Uncorked Pinot poured o’er berries, brandy, and ice. Citrus, basil, melon are immersed in one of my preferred white wines. Sangria sparkles in the sunlight. Fluid crystals drip down the side of the carafe. Balmy fragrance of lavender and mint drifts through the air.

Before dinner is plated, I return to the garden, remove a few weeds and thin out overgrown lemon thyme. I transplant it, alongside other bordering plants with perfumes that will enchant my outdoor reading at dusky light. Flora that will billow and sway from elevated containers are now planted. Pale colors are paired with those of deeper textures and hues. Magenta and Spanish yel-low near periwinkle and my favorite Rosemary Tuscan Blue. 

A floral pattern linen is spread over the rustic farmyard table. A white platter of melon, berries and citrus is served with a simple salad of fresh greens, marinated olives and herbs and mozzarella. Sangria is poured, first white then red, reflecting the mid-spring sunset. The white is pleasant and bright, ideal for a luncheon one early afternoon. I prefer the red, marvelous with all the complex elegance of a bouquet in hues of crimson and violet, accompanied by excellent dark chocolate.

The light tapers with leisure sips, as books are opened, pages flip, and experiences are shared. Compelled to write a thought down, I untie the strap wrapped ‘round my journal, and pen the thought then another. Moments like this, perhaps should be written and shared. In length beyond that of news feed, I find it best to think on this, write the thought, and experience it rather than scrolling passed it. Sun like streams of honey, then pale pink, and purple; the trees are laced in early greens of sage casting shadows until twilight.

Art is life expressed – Sarah West, Owner of The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art