Advantages of Buying Local

Advantages of Buying Local

By West Graham

Buying local allows for you to improve the local economy, know people in the business, keep the community unique, get better customer service, and more personalized service. The advantages of a local business have a positive impact on the community, so this week I decided to go more into detail.

A study based in Chicago in 2015 showed that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city. Local businesses promote other local businesses, invest in the local area, and thrive to make sure that they do what is best for their community. These advantages not only employ local citizens and bring money into the local economy, but it brings money into the local government. National competitors do not.

Employing more than 100 local citizens with jobs is a great accomplishment for CTV Beam. Having people you know working for a company creates a more personal relationship for the customers and allows us to be unique. It creates an enhanced customer service experience and more personalized service. We know you, value your business more, and with us, you are ONE customer, not one in a million.

Buying local has benefits beyond convenience. When you support local, you get a superior level of service, as well as helping make your community become a better place to live. As a local business, we at CTV Beam are proud to be your neighbor.


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