Approximately $100,000 to be given out from Mayor’s Ball fund-raising event

Approximately $100,000 to be given out from Mayor’s Ball fund-raising event

By Denise DuBois

The funds raised from the annual Mayor’s Education and Charity Ball provided scholarships to 38 students from Central High, Glenwood, and, for the first time, Russell County High. Scholarships totaled more than $60,000. 

Mayor Eddie Lowe is happy to be able to help students in the area from the money raised. 

“This is a great thing,” he said. 

From 2014 to 2017, $286,000 was given back to the community through scholarships, endowments, and non-profit organizations. Last year, 34 students were awarded $42,000 in scholarships. Another approximately $7,500 was given through dual enrollment. The same amount was given back to non-profit organizations. 

This year is the largest total the committee has been able to give away. In addition to the $60,000 in scholarships, Lowe plans to provide approximately $7,500 each to dual-enrollment and non-profit organizations. There will also be a $25,000 endowment announced later this month bringing the total given out this year to approximately $100,000. This will be the fourth time the Mayor’s Ball Committee will have an endowment. 

Students were given scholarships during a reception two weeks ago. 

Lowe said, “We do a reception every year, so kids know that they’re important.”

Editor’s note: In last week’s edition, The Citizen included the wrong total for total scholarships awarded this year. The committee awarded more than $60,000. We regret this error. View photos of the event at