Austin Harris: Starting a new internship, experience

Austin Harris: Starting a new internship, experience

Starting my internship at The Citizen of East Alabama was daunting. Here I am, a twenty-two year old senior at Columbus State University, tasked to begin working in this office and gain hands-on knowledge about journalism. 

It began on Jan. 21, which according to everyone that works there, is the worst possible day to start. Tuesdays are the days that the staff puts together the newspaper, so there is a lot of proofreading, editing, reading, and slightly moving words so they all fit in the space allotted for the article. 

It was fast-paced, stressful, and confusing to be thrown into the turning gears of a machine already working so smoothly. Yet, I was overcome with excitement. While being here, it feels like I am learning so much, even from the small day to day things. I feel like I will use this knowledge I’ve gained for the rest of my life. 

I have already learned about how articles are written, how interviews are conducted, and how newspapers are formed before each print. I am thankful I get to take a peek behind the curtain and see how newspapers are made. It is an enriching experience that I feel lucky to be apart of. It is exciting to gain new experiences every day I walk into the office. 

As for my future career, I want to be a music journalist. Headphones are a necessity everywhere I go. Constantly checking forums, Twitter, and music blogs for any music news has become a daily routine. 

I constantly add songs to my playlist, keep a monthly playlist, and then archive yearly playlists. This love for music has been with me for my entire life. 

The first thing I remember buying with my own money was 50 Cent’s sophomore album, “The Massacre.” My mom wouldn’t let me buy the explicit version so I had to guess what the bleeps sprinkled through each song meant. But that did not matter to me. It was the first album that set me on my way to falling in love with music. The production, the lyrics, the features, everything on the album was magical to me. 

Before this album, I assumed music could only be organized sounds, but I soon learned that music is a story that the artist conveys through sound. I am well aware that there were albums like this before 50 Cent’s album but this was the one that opened my eyes. 

It was not until high school that my interest in music bloomed into full-blown love. I never knew what to do with this love of music until I started college and I discovered my love of writing. 

I am excited and grateful to be able to use this time at The Citizen to hone my skills as a writer for my future.