Business Spotlight: Clegg’s fireworks is family

Business Spotlight: Clegg’s fireworks is family
Jan and John Horne took over Clegg’s Discount Fireworks years ago, turning the store into a third-generation family tradition. The store boasts buy one, get ones and the cheapest bottle rockets in town. Clegg’s is located at 4032 US Highway 80 West. Denise DuBois

Jan Horne’s family has been in the fireworks business for more than 55 years. Her uncle bought out the Clegg’s name many years ago. 

“My father and uncle used to buy fireworks from Mr. Clegg,” Jan said. 

Many years later, Mr. Clegg passed away, and his wife asked Jan’s uncle if he wanted to buy the business. 

“My uncle said yes, but he wanted to buy the Clegg’s name as well,” she said.  

Jan worked with him for years learning the fireworks business and getting to know the community members who turned into loyal customers. 

When her uncle died in 2012, Jan and husband, John, took over the business and began teaching their daughter, Summer, the trade. Now, Summer has a three-year-old daughter, Sutton, who will be the fourth generation to learn all about fireworks. 

When Jan and John took over Clegg’s, Jan relied on her 17-year accounting background from RC Bottling Company and her sales experience from Chico’s, a women’s clothing store. 

“You may not know it at the time, but God’s really got a plan,” Jan said. “I had nothing to go by when I got this, but because I had an accounting background, I knew how to set the store up and get things in place. Chico’s taught me a little about merchandising.”

With those two experiences, and some help from local Smiths Station and Glenwood students working in the store, Jan moved fireworks displays around so customers could have the best shopping experience. Since the beginning, Jan said they’ve gotten students and Summer’s friends to help work in the store. 

“We’ve seen a number of kids graduate high school. I call these kids my kids because when there’s here, they’re my responsibility,” she said. She and the business have also worked to support school events and give back to the community that has done so much for them. 

“We’ve been in this business a long time because of the support of the community,” Jan said. “We have very appreciative. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful customers. This is a family tradition, and we consider our customers to be our family.”  

In fact, she said that some of those customers travel from Albany, Macon, and Athens. Even as Georgia allows fireworks sales in the state and some of her suppliers opening stores, Jan said customers still make a day trip to see them. 

“We claim we have the largest selection and the best prices,” she said. Those customers have taken notice. 

Even if you don’t know much about fireworks, walking into Clegg’s is a good experience. She and John have cheat sheets throughout the store that tell what certain fireworks do – whether they’re colorful or have multiple effects. She also wants customers to know they can help you put on a show no matter what your budget might be. 

Two things are important to know: Clegg’s has the cheapest bottle rockets in town, and they sell double-break canister shells, Jan said. Her favorites are the ones with a lot of colors and a lot of effects. 

Clegg’s is open seasonally, and with the Fourth of July coming up, they are making sure all customers are served. John has even stayed after closing time to serve customers. Check their Facebook for daily hours. Clegg’s Discount Fireworks is located at 4032 US Highway 80 West. Call (706) 464-2503 for more information.