Business Spotlight: Springer Trading Post has it all

Business Spotlight: Springer Trading Post has it all
Levi Springer owns the recently-opened Springer Trading Post on 14th Street. He has been in the trading post business for many years and enjoys it because it offers him the chance to have beautiful things he can share with others. Currently, his favorite item in the store is the table he sits at, pictured above. Photo|Denise DuBois

You’ve heard his name if you’re local to the area. Levi Springer’s family is who the Springer Opera House in Columbus is named for. Levi inherited the same love for the arts, but his is different than performing arts. It’s painting, drawing, and making things beautiful through interior design and refinishing furniture. 

Levi was born in Japan, but he calls himself a Texan, and his family is from this area. While he’s spent a lot of time all over the world, he has called Phenix City home for three years. 

“I came here to retire. I raised five children on my own and I have 21 grandchildren. I wanted to get away from the family. I came here and I wasn’t going to do anything,” Levi said, laughing. But he knew doing nothing wasn’t an option. Even if he had tasks of writing a third cookbook and finishing a novel, that wasn’t all that would take up his time. His deep-rooted love for beautiful things was going to keep him busy. And it did.

“Someone asked me if I wanted to stay here. I went the next day and rented this space,” he said, referencing to his new business Springer Trading Post. 

“Retirement is boring. I love the trading post business. I can have an eclectic business and do lots of things,” he said. 

His shop certainly reflects his personality and tastes. Walking into the Springer Trading Post, there are antiques, pieces of crystal, beautiful china, artwork, and so much more. 

“I enjoy furniture. I love nice things. What better way to have the best in life than to have it in a shop? I’ve owned the most beautiful things in the world. The most beautiful home, the most beautiful cars, and they all belonged to the store,” Levi said. Then he can sell it and move something else in. 

“My tastes have changed over the years. I’ve always liked old, but I’ve started liking colors, especially turquoise, red, and black,” he said. Everything in his store is the real deal. 

“New Ashley furniture. Everything is handpicked and the highest quality,” he explained. “There are some new things. I want people to be able to have nice things and not pay a fortune. People around here can’t afford a $6,000 set of china. But they might be able to afford $1,000 set. I like getting good deals and educating people on things.”

In addition to the trading post, Levi enjoys making other people’s spaces beautiful. He got involved in interior design and enjoys decorating homes for the holidays. He can work with any budget, but he said for $1,500 he can make a home a holiday showcase. He works with clients on theme and colors then decorates, takes decorations down, and cleans up when it’s finished. 

He makes gift baskets, too. Whether for realtors, a wife’s birthday, a shower, etc., Levi can make a basket for any budget, he said. 

Visit Springer Trading Post 1416 14th St. in Phenix City to find out more about what Levi and his shop offers. Springer Trading Post is open Tuesday through Friday from 11-6 p.m. ET, Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. ET, and Monday by appointment only.