• Sarah West: To my faithful readers

    Sarah West: To my faithful readers

    Year six, days upon the calendar fall, keeping time with the leaves. I ponder the idea and then circle back to it time and again. Should I stay, or should I go? Will this pause mean forever and for my writing what will it become? The painting calls to me. The exhibition is mere days

  • Mark Clark: Sullivan deserved winning the Heisman Trophy

    Mark Clark: Sullivan deserved winning the Heisman Trophy

    Way back in 1971, when college football was in its infancy, this story began. You know, right after everyone walked off Noah’s Ark. It was right after the Good Lord invented dirt.  Pat Sullivan won the Heisman Trophy as the best college football player in the nation. His biggest rival for the award was Cornell’s

  • Denise DuBois: Birthday Wisdom

    Denise DuBois: Birthday Wisdom

    Each year on my birthday, I start thinking about things that I’ve learned the previous year and throughout my life in general. There’s wisdom in time and age, so here are a few things I’ve learned – some from personal experience and some from those around me.  1. When you know what you want, nothing

  • Mark Clark: The greatest college basketball players I watched

    It is easy to name the best college basketball players to ever play the game. It is harder to name the best to ever play the game that I had the opportunity to watch. I have seen some mighty good ones over the years.  I see more and more youngsters play each year. And each

  • Marian Carcache: November 22, 1963

    We had just had lunch, and Mrs. Rowe, my fourth grade teacher at Western Heights Elementary, told us to get our music books out. She had set up the record player near her desk in the front of the classroom. The turntable was spinning around with the LP that accompanied our music books on it.

  • Mark Clark: Devastation, Aggravation, and Elation

    I was sad. I was angry. I was happy. My emotions were drained when it was all over. I am talking about how I felt watching college football over the just past weekend. I started out watching Alabama-Mississippi State. I followed that with Auburn-Georgia. I wrapped up Saturday with Oklahoma-Baylor. And those three games sent