• Steve Flowers: Best races are AG, Lt. Governor

    The best races of the year have been for Attorney General and Lt. Governor, as well as Agriculture Commissioner and for the 2nd Congressional district. The Attorney General post is considered the best stepping stone to governor and U.S. Senator.  It is very high profile and prosecutes bad guys who go to jail and cannot

  • Steve Flowers: Constitutional offices up for vote

    This is not just a gubernatorial year in the Heart of Dixie. We have every constitutional office up for election which includes Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor and Agriculture Commissioner. We also have a good many of the State Judicial races on the ballot.  We have nine seats on

  • Steve Flowers: Gubernatorial Primaries

    Steve Flowers: Gubernatorial Primaries

    Now that the dust has settled from last week’s gubernatorial primaries, let’s analyze the outcome. Governor Kay Ivey and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox won very impressive victories.  Ivey beat three well-financed opponents without a runoff.  She trounced them.  She garnered 56 percent of the vote to 25 percent for Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.  Evangelist Scott

  • Steve Flowers: Shelby has the vault key

    Steve Flowers: Shelby has the vault key

    In my book, Of Goats and Governors: Six Decades of Alabama Political Stories, I suggest that based on seniority, tenure, power and prestige that Alabama’s greatest senators have been Lister Hill, John Sparkman and Richard Shelby. Folks, Richard Shelby has probably forged to the front of that triumvirate with his elevation to the chairmanship of

  • Steve Flowers: There will be a low voter turnout

    Steve Flowers: There will be a low voter turnout

    Folks, we are less than three weeks away from our June 5 primary.  Besides the governor’s race, all of our secondary constitutional races are on the ballot. As we head into the home stretch, there appears to be very little interest in the primary elections.  People seem disinterested and disillusioned.  There have been a good

  • Steve Flowers: More election information

    Steve Flowers: More election information

    Last week we made you aware that five of the nine seats on our State Supreme Court are up for election this year. In addition, our Court of Civil Appeals and Criminal Appeals have several members up for election. The folks who sit on these courts essentially have zero name identification. Even when polling is