CHS students make baskets for foster children

CHS students make baskets for foster children

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By Toni Stauffer

For the past 18 years, Central High School students have been putting together Easter baskets for kids in foster care. 

This year, Ms. Byrd’s 11th grade honors students and students from the National Honors Society are putting together baskets for 98 foster kids, a sharp increase from previous years of about 50-70 kids. Ms. Byrd works with Kelly Sasser and students to purchase supplies all year long, beginning right after Easter when they can get the best sales. 

“We are the Queens of the “after” sales,” Ms. Byrd said. They spent approximately $2,000 this year out of their own pockets and donations from students and other teachers. They use the shopping as a lesson in finances and challenging students to get the lowest prices for items within a budget.  

Allison Bryars, the Director of the Russell County Department of Human Resources, wanted to let the community know how important this project is for the children in foster care. 

“This is an important partnership with our community for our foster children, because we need to take care of the children in our community for them to have some normalization,” Bryars said. “Kids in our community experience Easter with their families with Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt. We did not want to take that away from them.”


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