Courthouse A/C units exceed budget

Courthouse A/C units exceed budget

By Toni Stauffer

Russell County Building Code Official Bubba Roberts is making some revisions to the proposed resolution to adopt the 2018 International Building Codes. Representatives from Abel Electric presented a defense for the use of their wiring, which Roberts said only met minimum safety standards. The company’s product expert said there is no minimum when it comes to safety. It’s either safe or it isn’t. The commission is taking both sides under consideration and the resolution should be presented at the next meeting. Roberts also requested a $6,000 transfer from the building department’s salary budget into the miscellaneous supplies budget for the purchase of two new computers for the office. His request was approved. 

Originally projected at a cost of $90,000, the replacement cost of the air-conditioning units in the courthouse is be $18,000 over budget due to the unexpected costs relating to the Trane system. The 50-ton units are being replaced on the second floor, the chamber, and the atrium. The units being replaced are the original units and can no longer be repaired. From where the funds will be drawn to cover the shortfall is to be determined. Bids will open Aug. 3 and close the same day at 3:30 p.m. 

Rena Miles received a proclamation in honor of her birthday. A graduate from the first class of Mount Olive High School and a lifelong dedicated member of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Miles is the widow of Clifford Miles, Sr., and mother to six children.

 Probate Judge Alford Hardin extended his gratitude to the public for their patience during the renovations of his office. The renovations were paid for out of the Probate funds and Index funds, not out of the commission’s budget. 

The commission also voted to pave Screws Road ‘as is,’ which means no widening. Shawn Blakeney from engineering said work will begin next week on the one-mile stretch and is expected to be completed by year’s end. The speed limit will be reduced from 45 mph to 25 mph during repaving. Motorists are urged to slow down and use caution. 

Administrator LeAnn Horne announced the public budget meeting for July 24, after the regular session of the commission. The regular session will begin at 9:30 a.m. and usually runs about an hour. If the budget meeting runs over, it will be reconvened the next day, the time as of yet is undetermined.

Commissioner Chance Corbett would like to remind everyone that the next Crawford Market Day will be this Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.