Disappointing, but the right decision

With cases of the coronavirus jumping from one reported case on March 13 to 12 Sunday night, the AISA’s decision to close athletic spring sports down until April 5 was one based on the general health of students, parents and school personnel.

Glenwood headmaster Frankie Meacham was in the position of not only heading up the school but is also the President of the AISA state athletic board and the decision to put spring sports on hold was a serious one.

“We met Thursday and started discussions and decided midday Friday that all spring sports would stop as of midnight Saturday and can resume at this time midnight April 5,” Meacham said on March 16. “That is our hope that we can resume April 6 but of course that may change.”

Speaking about his own school athletes, Meacham was openly honest.

“Of course I understand that our seniors are having their time cut but we have to look at the health of everyone involved,” he added. “AISA is now working on developing different scenarios as to what to do if we are able to start the sports back up.” 

All the coaches at Glenwood expressed disappointment about not being able to compete but also emphasized that they understood the situation. Athletic director and head baseball coach Tim Fanning discussed his team’s situation.

“I feel frustrated for our seniors but decisions like this have to be made,” he pointed out. “This is unprecedented and I have never been in a situation like this before, especially as our team was hitting its stride.” 

When the season was suspended, the baseball team was 12-3. 

“In baseball, we are looking at being sure that we get our region games played as we would have only two weeks left before playoffs begin and non-region games are cancelled to get those in,” he added.

In fact, all sports are looking at the key region contests as ones that would be played if all seasons resume on April 6. Softball coach Dusty Perdue reported pretty much the same thing as Fanning as far as resumption of his team.

“Right now we can’t practice or play, just waiting on our next steps. We are hopeful to play after April 6 at least play our remaining region games and some form of playoffs,” Perdue said. 

The Glenwood boys and girls tennis teams are going to be really up against a time deadline if play begins as the April 6 date was to begin the AISA state championships in Montgomery.

“We are hoping for 7-10 days, if play resumes getting our region games in because that would affect seeding into the state. Right now the boys are 4-0 in the region, and the girls are 3-2, and both teams have region matches still to play,” Coach Julie Humphries said. “We are just going to have to prepare for any contingency and are awaiting more information.”

Glenwood’s boys and girls soccer teams, which were both state finalists in 2019 and have yet to lose a contest in either, also face a time deadline.

“Our playoffs were to begin the next weekend (after April 6), but the girls have four region games still to play and I know the boys team has at least that many and maybe more,” girls soccer Coach John Robertson said. “We do know that all non-region games have been cancelled if play resumes.” Boys soccer coach Eddie Miranda could not be reached for comment.