Editorial: Americans have a patriotic duty to vote

Editorial: Americans have a patriotic duty to vote

It’s the Presidential election. It’s the Congressional election. It’s the local election. On Tuesday, it’s Americans’ patriotic duty to vote. It matters every time we get the opportunity to elect a president. But local elections directly affect us. Over the summer, community members had the opportunity to vote for city council members and Phenix City Board of Education. This time, Russell and Lee county residents get to vote on county commissions, school board, and revenue commissioner. All of these offices are important. 

You’ve seen campaign signs all over the area urging you to vote for specific candidates or parties. It is our hope that all eligible voters will indeed be seen at the polls and cast ballots for candidates you think will do the best job representing your beliefs in Washington, as well as Russell and Lee counties. Voting is one way we as a community can come together and voice our opinions to make a difference. I promise it matters who is in office. It matters who sits in the elected seats. 

Don’t use the “I don’t get into politics,” or “I don’t know the candidates” excuse to keep you from the polls. In last week’s edition the staff at The Citizen has worked over the previous weeks to compile profiles on candidates who will appear on the Russell County ballot and Lee County ballots in our coverage area, so you can see who you’re voting for, and read about what they value and why they’re seeking elected offices. Read those stories. Do your own research of local and national candidates. Make an educated decision. The stakes are too high not to cast a ballot. 

On the ballot are statewide amendments. They were also featured in last week’s edition along with sample ballots for Russell and Lee counties. Mark it up and take it with you to your poll place, if needed. Hope to see you at the polls.

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor