Editorial: Is it time for our own conference center?

Editorial: Is it time for our own conference center?

Phenix City manager Wallace Hunter has an important question for the citizens of Phenix City: Is it time for us to build a hotel conference center in the city? 

Hunter said he and other leaders in the city have been getting an increasing number of requests for more and larger event spaces. Many people, including businesses, organizations, and even government, are having a difficult time finding affordable, local venues to hold events. People are having to hold events outside of Phenix City, like at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. The revenue which is going to Columbus, Auburn, and other places, could be coming home instead to benefit our community, Hunter explained. 

Hunter and city leaders are proposing a large hotel conference complex where people can not only rent space for events, or attend events, but they can spend the night, shop, and eat. 

The complex would serve to revitalize downtown by drawing more retail and other businesses to the area. The local economy is blooming and the city is growing fast as more people choose to call Phenix City and the Valley home. Tourism is also at an all-time high. So, is it time? Let us know what you think by answering our online poll at www.citizenofeastalabama.com, or by emailing us at news@citizenea.com. We look forwarding to seeing your responses. 

By Toni Stauffer, Staff Writer

Are you in favor of a hotel/conference center in Phenix City?


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