Editorial: What I learned at the Leadership Forum

The Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum was this week at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the event twice and both times I was blown away at the effectiveness of the speakers. 

This week, Jim Blanchard blew me away with his words. In front of more than 1,000 people, he pointed to the Bible as the greatest leadership book. I have to agree. In his talk, I learned, or was refreshed with, the following: we have to learn with intention and lead with intention, we have provision available to us if we just receive it, and we need to create a working atmosphere that is pleasurable for employees. One of Mr. Blanchard’s biggest points was that we cannot be leaders who allow the spirits of those around us to be crushed. 

Church of the Highlands Pastor Chris Hodges and authors Susan Cain and John C. Maxwell were among my favorite speakers at the forum. 

From Pastor Chris, I learned five questions to ask myself: what is the measurable win, what do we do to accomplish the vision, how are we doing, what are the keys to success, what one thing would make the biggest difference if it got better? 

From Cain, I learned how to better communicate with introverts. As an extrovert myself, I cannot expect my coworkers and others around me to communicate the same ways I do, especially if they are introverted. 

I could write a book on the things I learned from Maxwell. Thankfully, he’s already written dozens of them. His advice on leadership tugs on the heartstrings and makes you want to act. 

If you’ve never attended the forum, I hope you put it on your calendar for next year. 

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor

Correction: In the Aug. 22 edition of The Citizen, it was erroneously reported that an on-premise beer and whiskey/wine license submitted by Alonzo Cliatt for Medtech, LLC dba Bamaque was approved. The license was denied based on findings by department heads.