Editorial: Young professionals invited to YEAP

Editorial: Young professionals invited to YEAP

Calling all young professionals! The East Alabama Chamber of Commerce recently formed YEAP!  – the Young East Alabama Professionals – and yes, you say it as a high-pitched call. 

Why does forming a 20s to 40s group of professionals matter? It matters because this is the age group that can get left behind the quickest but also matters most. This is the age group that will take over local and state government positions soon, that will run companies, that will head non-profit groups, and make decisions that will affect the people who live in East Alabama. 

YEAP has many purposes. One purpose is to connect young professionals with each other so we can form friendships, network, and get to know like-minded community members. Another purpose is to inform this age group of things that are happening around us in the community of which we might not be aware. It also offers young people the opportunity to serve the community in which we live. 

The group officially kicked off with its first event at the end of May and has since filled its calendar with fun events for its members. This weekend, the group will zipline across the Chattahoochee with Whitewater Express. On July 18, we will have a culinary night with Central High School Chef John Chapiewski. He will teach us how to cook some amazing food then we’ll enjoy eating it together. The group is promoting a town hall meeting with legislators Chris Blackshear and Jeremy Gray on July 9 at the Board of Realtors building. We have a food tour scheduled, an active shooting seminar coming up, and even educational chats aimed to help us learn something new. 

As a young professional, I often ask myself if I’m making a difference, if my skills matter, if I’m doing enough for my community, and if I’m connecting with people my age. This group will help you to be able to confidently answer “yes” to those questions. We want you to join us. We want you to connect with us. 

For more information about YEAP or membership pricing, find the group at Facebook.com/ChamberEALYP or call the chamber at (334) 298-3639. We’d love to have you join us. 

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor