Central Freshman Academy, Ladonia Elementary to work on projects for the Bicentennial

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Central Freshman Academy and Ladonia Elementary have been designated Alabama Bicentennial Schools. Only 200 schools statewide have received this distinction.

The Central Freshman Academy received a $2,000 grant so students can complete a project entitled, “Rising Phoenix: A Tour of Phenix City.” Through the project’s implementation, the freshman academy will also be eligible for recognition as an Alabama Bicentennial School of Excellence in the fall of 2019 of which only 21 schools statewide, three per Congressional district, will be selected.

The project will allow students from multiple subject areas to work closely with the East Alabama Chamber of Commerce, city government, and the Russell County Historical Commission to develop a virtual historical tour of the city. The plan’s premise is to conduct research of the area’s present historical markers and note sites that are in need of identification. Additionally, students will create and publish a virtual brochure highlighting local historical markers and places. Future implications of this endeavor may lead to a named walking trail with markers or guided tours, allowing visitors and residents to view and learn of the rich history of Phenix City.

Ladonia Elementary will also receive a $2,000 grant to implement a project called “Family Outreach Initiative.”