Citizen on sewer issue: Stop the ‘tribalism’

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Blenda Copeland

Another citizen has publicly joined the conversation about the need for county sewer service in the Ft. Mitchell area.

Last week, The Citizen published a citizen’s letter to the editor saying he favored Russell County Commissioner Cattie Epps’ viewpoint: build a sewer system in Ft. Mitchell and the needed businesses will follow.

A second man, Charles Hollowell, who also lives in that district, approached the commission during the public comments time Feb. 14 the day of the Russell County Commission meeting.

In brief, Hollowell said, “What’s good for Ladonia is good for Ft. Mitchell and vice versa.”

He said he understands what the issues are, but implored commissioners to put away what he opined as “this type of tribalism” in how the commission is handling the sewer issue.

He opined that such inaction is interfering with today’s appropriate decisions. “Right now, I’m not very happy with the way you’re representing yourselves,” he told the commission.

He further said the region’s success depends on its individual cities and counties successfully working together.

He implored the commission to “begin to do the business of this community, which all of you were elected to do.”

He also said he felt that if the commission had made certain decisions in the past related to developing a sewer system in Ft. Mitchell, the system probably would have paid for itself by now.

Victor Cross, the county’s new economic development and tourism director, noted in response to Hollowell that he has been in meetings about sewer feasibility.

“We’re going to re-visit that,” Cross said, noting a sewer committee is researching the matter farther. “We hope to do a public-private partnership to make that happen.”

Hollowell clapped his hands in agreement to Cross’ response.

The commission has talked off and on for years about bringing sewer service to Ft. Mitchell, but to date, has not approved a step toward financing it.