CTV Beam mourns loss of one of their own

CTV Beam mourns loss of one of their own

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By Denise DuBois

The CTV Beam family mourns as one of their own died last week. On April 15, Debra Brown passed away. Brown was a Customer Service Representative for CTV Beam for 12 years. 

Brown is remembered by coworkers as someone who loved to talk and always had something uplifting to say. She is also remembered for her kindness and her smile. 

“Deb was a very special lady and she had a way of making our customers feel like they were her family.  She was passionate about helping them and even had some that called in and would only want to talk to her,” said Melissa Gauntt. “There is no one that could help you program your remote like she did. Even I called her for that support.  She loved to talk and she was a great listener too; she always worried about someone else instead of herself.  She loved my gooey butter bars, and every time I make them, I will  think of her.  She will be deeply missed, and will forever have a place in our hearts and has left her mark on our organization.”

“I worked with Deb for 12 years. No matter what she was going through herself, she was always uplifting someone else and willing to help them any way she could,” said coworker Laurie Jones. “She was a hard worker who absolutely loved her job and genuinely cared for her customers. Her laugh was infectious, her smile was contagious, and her heart was always overflowing. Deb knew no strangers and anyone who didn’t get to meet her, missed out on knowing a wonderful person that I got to call a friend. She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.”

When Kathryn Bryant met Brown at work, it was for training. They enjoyed interesting talks that sometimes led to stories of their teeth. 

“I will never forget the times we shared dental stories about our teeth and also our stories of coming into the faith. Deb was always an easy going, very talkative person. Anytime you sat down to talk to her it was always a something interesting! She is truly missed,” Bryant said. 

When Cindy Chapman began working with CTV Beam in 2015, Brown was one of the first people to make her feel welcomed. She said the two talked as if they had known each other for years. 

“We used to work together every other Saturday morning.  When she would come up front to get us set up.  We would have our Saturday morning chit chat and morning laughs. It was always a good start to a good day. Deb was a very kind giving person. She would give you the shirt of her back if she could. She was a wonderful person, coworker, and a friend. She will be missed dearly,” Chapman said. 

West Graham said any time Brown was around, you knew it. 

“She definitely loved to talk and could always make you smile or laugh,” he said. 

Brown will be remembered as someone who helped her coworkers as if they were family. 

“We are rarely blessed to meet people in our lives like Deb. She was full of life, laughter, and love,” said Brandy Goff. 

Angelia Jackson remembers Brown’s bright eyes and smile and having talks about work and family. Kim Wilson remembers late night talks and being trained by Brown when she first started working for CTV Beam. 

For Mike Luttrell, Brown was more like family than a coworker. 

“I was lucky to know Deb for over 10 years. I would go by her desk just to make her laugh or hear what’s going on with her. She was more like a sister. There will never be another Deb,” he said.  

Andresa Redd-Grant remembers her coworker as someone who was customer-friendly and caring. 

Brown will be dearly missed by her CTV Beam family.