Denise DuBois: I can already taste the tacos

Denise DuBois: I can already taste the tacos

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Y’all, this is bad. I knew it was going to be bad a few years ago when we announced Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s were going in across the street from our office on the 280 Bypass. Now, Clay Gullatt announced on Facebook Tuesday night (after Citizendeadline, so see the announcement in next week’s paper) that he is indeed building a Del Taco in the old Shoney’s building nearly in front of our office.

This is really bad. After all, what more does a girl need than tacos, donuts and thin crust pizza? Taco Bell is down the road from us, but it’s a bit of a headache to drive down that way and cross over the highway. That’s the only thing that’s saved us from getting donuts and pizza every day, too: we’d have to cross 280. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of the delicious coffee and donuts. But Del Taco is walking distance from our office. Walking distance!

You had to do this to us, didn’t you, Clay? I can feel the extra pounds come on as I think about the tacos that are coming.

Clay opened the Columbus Del Taco location in 2014. It’s the first and only location in our area. Demolition of the Shoney’s building at the second location will start next week and he expects, according to his Facebook post, to be open in May.

Throughout my tenure at the newspaper, I’ve seen that building be quite a few things. Obviously a Shoney’s, then there was a time that it was an Italian restaurant (just give us all the pasta), then it was a sports bar maybe twice. It was also a southern cooking kind of place, too, if I’m not mistaken. But I’m thinking its new identity is going to be my favorite. I mean, where else can you get really good tacos andfries?!

These new restaurants going in near my office are the best, truly, even if the staff and I are going to have to restrain ourselves from visiting every day. When we heard Moe’s was building in front of Walmart (to be open first quarter of this year), I jumped for joy. I love walking in and hearing, “Welcome to Moe’s!” And the food is delish!

Clay, maybe we can work out a tab system, or something, since I’m sure we’ll be seeing you on the regular. I kid, of course. But we’re really excited to see all the yummy places open up for business around here. We love choices for places to eat. I do hate it for the men in our lives since we can never make up our minds on where to eat and now the choices are abundant – am I right, ladies?

Clay, we wish you a speedy construction process, so we can eat the tacos that much faster.


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