Martin asks commission to seek sewer grant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Toni Stauffer

During the work session on Dec. 10, Peggy Martin (Dist. 3) added a discussion item to the agenda about the Commission possibly approaching Senator Richard Shelby for a grant. She referred to an Associated Press article about the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarding $23 million to Uniontown, Ala., for an upgrade to their overflowing sewer system. Shelby is the one who announced the grant.

“One part of President (Donald) Trump’s campaign emphasis was infrastructure,” said Martin. “Senator Shelby is key to appropriations.”

Martin offered to pay her own way to Washington, if needed, or that Victor Cross, director of Economics and Tourism Development could go. While the focus was on Fort Mitchell, she mentioned funds could be used to extend sewer in Ladonia. Also of concern is that Fort Mitchell doesn’t have any existing sewer infrastructure like Uniontown.

“We don’t have infrastructure on sewage,” said Martin. “We’re missing the train on that. The Sewer Authority needs to be involved.”

The Committee briefly discussed the necessity of a grant writer and planning. Martin requested that the matter be tabled until a later date while the Committee considers the matter.

During the regular session on Dec. 12, Samantha Cato from the Emergency Management Agency received a plaque to honor her hard work and achievement in earning certification in Advanced Emergency Management. All three EMA employees are now at the Advanced level.
A proclamation was read to honor the memory of the Lakisha Consuela Day, daughter of Phenix City Councilman Arthur Day. She passed away Nov. 2 at the age of 41. Councilman Day and family were present to receive the plaque with proclamation.

Another proclamation will be read in January for Mike Gordon’s retirement from the Sheriff’s department. Gordon gave 31 years of service and the proclamation was delayed so that he could be present for the reading.

A proclamation in honor of Central High School’s Red Devils historic championship was read at the celebration on Dec. 13 at Garrett-Harrison Stadium.

Under business items, the 2-year renewal of the $5 indexing fee was approved. The fee, which was in place before Probate Judge Alford Harden took office, helps to pay a student assistant, senior counselor, and other expenses, which helps the Probate office stay within budget, according to Hardin. The fee is assessed whenever a document is filed.

Harden requested, along with Sheriff Heath Taylor, to add an item to the next agenda for requesting that inventory audits be limited to items of $1,000 and up to save everyone time. This discussion came about because the commission had to vote on whether or not to allow disposal of a defunct HP flatbed scanner that had a repair cost more than its actual worth. At the moment, the audit is for items $300 and up.

From the Administrator, the ratification of $450 for the Christmas Santa Float for the parade, which will be paid for from the contingent fund, was approved, and the radio tower bid is being postponed to Dec. 27 at 4 p.m.
Last, the Commission agreed to meet, as scheduled, for Dec. 26 at 9:30 a.m.