Phenix City native publishes first novel

Phenix City native publishes first novel

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By Toni Stauffer

The Decision of a Loving Son is a new novel by first-time author and Phenix City native Adeline Marie Howell. Howell, 58, said she decided to write her novel after losing a friend and never having the opportunity to say goodbye. 

“The book is my way of coming to terms with the events surrounding his death,” she said. “This book is told as a memory between two friends. They had all been friends for as long as any of them could remember. Tempy is explaining why she and Taylor had to act as though they hated each other. With the complication of having to deal with their real feelings for each other, which neither one of them could ever admit or explain to anyone.”

Howell began writing as an emotional outlet during a very difficult time in her life. Unable to find employment, Howell’s marriage disintegrated due to financial difficulties. She suddenly found herself homeless after her then husband left and her home was foreclosed. Howell moved in with family while she searched for a new job. Howell said she discovered she enjoys writing and that the book almost wrote itself. 

“It is based on true events in my life,” she said. “I changed the names to protect the people it happened to. This book was a labor of love and way to get the memories of what happened in my childhood out of my head. And if what happened to me as a teenager will help someone, my experience will have been worth it.”

Howell has finished a second book and has others in the works. She also enjoys writing poetry and essays. A graduate of Smiths Station High School, Howell has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbus State University and a master’s degree in public administration from Auburn University. 

The Decision of a Loving Son can be purchased from,, or Barnes and Noble.