Rep. Jeremy Gray talks about why he supports gas tax

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By Denise DuBois

Earlier this week, the Alabama legislature voted to increase the state’s gas tax by 10 cents over the next three years. The tax passed the House last week 83-20 and the Senate voted 28-6. The first increase of six cents will go into effect in October.

Alabama State Representative Jeremy Gray (D-83), along with the rest of the East Alabama delegates voted to pass the bill.

Gray addressed why he voted yes: “I voted in favor of the bill because of the commitment to address human infrastructure, the addition of two amendments aimed at diversity inclusion and the need to repair our roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure projects. Over the past few weeks, we have listened to leaders from across the state about their needs for funding to complete long-delayed projects and we also listened to minority businesses and citizens about their needs for participation and inclusion. So as a Caucus, we worked hard to make sure the citizens of Alabama were central to the conversation by asking for accountability, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) participation and discussions regarding the primary concerns of many Alabamians such as Medicaid Expansion and Prison Reform. We certainly understand that the economic impact of our roads and bridges cannot be overstated as they touch every corner of our economy, and every single citizen so we worked across the aisle to pass meaningful legislation that will help all people in Alabama.

“The extra money that will be generated will be able to provide even more funding for local and county projects, more job opportunities for DBEs and incentive opportunities for our citizens. As we move towards a cleaner, sustainable Alabama, we realized the need to invest in electric and hybrid vehicles infrastructure so we made sure registration fees were parallel to the electric vehicle fee structure in other states. Through The Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program, a portion of the registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles will be for electric vehicle charging stations throughout Alabama. Whether it is at the state, county, or local level, we know this additional funding is going to make a real difference and we look forward to seeing the community and economic impact in the urban and rural areas.

“I supported the bill because it shows we can work together to strengthen our state’s infrastructure. Of course, infrastructure extends beyond the care and investment of roads and bridges. Our human infrastructure needs just as much, if not more, care and investment so I look forward to continuing this spirit of bipartisan collaboration as we move into regular session.”

In addition to the tax increase, the law places an annual $200 fee on electric vehicles and a $100 annual fee on hybrid vehicles.

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