Russell County Commission donates $5,000 to United to Save Ourselves

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By Toni Stauffer

The following happened during the Russell County Commission regular session on June 26:

Commissioner Cattie Epps requested that a birthday proclamation for a citizen be approved. Commissioner Gentry Lee asked if it were a special birthday and Epps said yes, any birthday over 80 can be considered special. Lee seemed to agree and the commission approved her request. 

Sheriff Heath Taylor requested several budget transfers. He asked that $3,000 from the Miscellaneous Office budget be moved into the Uniform budget, $8,000 from Other Repairs and Maintenance into the Vehicle Repair, $10,000 from the Communications into the Vehicle Repair, $8,000 from Communication and Equipment into Vehicle Repair and Maintenance. From the jail budget,  he requested that $10,000 be moved from Data Processing into Medical and Dental Services, and $10,000 from the Inmate Food also be moved into Medical and Dental Services. His request was approved. 

The Fuel Authority contract, which is the same contract held with the city of Phenix City, was approved. No changes were made to the contract, so it is the same as last year. Also, Revenue Commissioner Naomi Elliott asked that her Final Settlement Report be approved and signed, which happened. Hammett Steel won the bid for the Crawford gazebo, which covers manufacturing and installation, in the amount of $41,250. 

Commissioner Ronnie Reed requested that $5,000 be donated to the United to Save Ourselves organization, which operates a summer internship program for local youth. The money will come from Reed’s discretionary funds. His request was approved. 

Discussion included negotiating a contract with the Ladonia Youth League for them to take over operation of the concession stand since the contract is up for renewal and the former operator declined to continue. The item was tabled for future consideration.