Case dismissed

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Judge dismisses other parties

By Blenda Copeland

Court documents e-filed Dec. 21 show that a Phenix City voter fraud allegation case has been dismissed.

According to the papers, the complaint was dismissed shortly after Vickey Carter Johnson was elected the city’s new District 2 councilwoman by a majority vote. The case, Vickey Carter-Johnson v. Russell County Board of Registrars, City of Phenix City, Ala., and Baxley Oswalt, was heard Dec. 7 by Russell County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bellamy.

Four days later, on Dec. 11, the judge ordered that an investigation ensue – eight days before the Dec. 19 run-off between now-elected Carter Johnson and her then-opponent Oswalt. The Dec. 21 documents, filed four days before Christmas, reflect that the plaintiff, Carter Johnson’s motion to dismiss was granted. “This matter is dismissed; it is further ordered that the clerk return bond to the party that posted said bond,” the judge’s order notes.

Another document records the judge’s order granting the City of Phenix City’s filed motion to dismiss, or in the alternative summary judgment. “This matter is dismissed,” the document states.

As for the Russell County Board of Registrars, that entity had already been dismissed per the judge’s Dec. 11 order.