Central High, Central Fresh Academy science fair winners

Central High, Central Fresh Academy science fair winners

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Behavioral: 1st Amanda Grayson    Comparing the memory capability between autistic and neurotypical children, 2nd Dalton Goodson and Trey Fordham    Pick a card; 2nd Olivia Harrison and Jace-Elise Benefield    Music from the heart; 3rd Garrett Keyt    The correlation between personality and short-term memory; 3rd Alexis Schelte    A comparison of the goals, traits, and mental health of military children and civilians

Energy: 1st Amber McVay and Michelle Meacham – unlisted; 2nd Trinity Upshaw    An analysis of whether androids or iPhones emit the most radiation; 3rd Jonathan Billingsley    Different factors can make electromagnetics more powerful

Plant: 1st Sydney Weaver and Jaelyn Powell    How natural fertilizers affect plant growth; 2nd Cameron Dix and Hunter Broadwater    Effect of water’s pH on plant growth; 3rd Etori Brown and Allison Hart    The effect of microwave radiation on Bellis perennis (daisy), Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Savitus (radish), and Agrostis stolonifera (creeping bentgrass)

Medicine: 1st Veronica Sanders    The effectiveness of kitchen disinfectants; 2nd Railey Shirley    The genetic component to the treatment of diabetes; 3rd Fath Adams and Kendall Leath    The effects of BMI on physical activity; 3rd Hanna Sawyer and Laynee Urgo    A continuation of acid erosion using fruits

Engineering: 1st Josh Reeves and Lathen Oliver    Power generator; 2nd Brantley Laney    Diptube

Physics: 1st Kaela Dubose    Skyglow: How does location affect it; 2nd J.J. Graham and Braxten Carr    Examination of the best attack angle of baseball; 3rd Kimora Miller and Kyrea Hall    The perfect angle to kick a football

Animal: 1st Savannah Schofield and Karlie Poole    Mobile bacteria; 2nd Jakya Carpenter    An investigation on the effects of melatonin on crickets; 2nd Banks Stamp and Max Kauffmann    The effects of caffeine and nicotine on tetrahymena; 3rd Paola Rojas    An inference on the most desired spice to ants; 3rd Harts Hughes and Brooks Barberee    The Catch

Physical Science: 1st Joseph Gregg    CSI Files: How temperature affects the glow of luminol; 2nd Samaya Persons and Richelle Sanders    How clean is your water; 2nd Aliyah Spivey    Which fruit contains the most sugar; 3rd Amaris Garner and Treshaun Watkins    An examination of the variations in pH acquired from   school water fountains; 3rd Matthew Horsley   

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