CHS students trading places with the teacher

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On March 1, Central High School students and teachers are trading places. Members of Loretta Baber’s Senior Career Pathways Project IT (SCPP) class will introduce two programming languages to faculty members and district administrators. Also in attendance will be representatives from Auburn University’s computer science department and leaders from TSYS.

Nicknamed “the TSYS” course by local administrators and teachers, SCPP was born out of a partnership with TSYS and Phenix City Schools in an effort to prepare computer science students for internships and employment opportunities in programming and coding positions. 

“Because we know now that TSYS is so much more than ‘coding’ jobs,” Baber said,” SCPP can be about software/programming, troubleshooting, manufacturing technologies, cyber security, and so many other things.” 

According to Baber, this class is a work in progress as its dynamic curriculum must continuously evolve to keep pace with industry trends and workforce demands. Current industry forecasts indicate that learning programming languages such as Unity and JavaScript is a valuable resume-builder for our students. Unity is used in technologies such as virtual and augmented reality; JavaScript powers everything from web pages to interactive maps.