Council appoints new city school board member, Samuel A. Estrada

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By Blenda Copeland

The Phenix City Board of Education will have a new member soon. The Phenix City Council voted March 20 to appoint the Rev. Samuel A. Estrada as the new member to fill the spot that will soon be vacant by Paul Stamp’s expired term. Stamp has served consecutive terms and is the board’s current president.

During an open interview with the council during its previous work session, Estrada said he could identify with a diverse student population. He described his ties to Puerto Rico, New York, and having a single mother. Having formerly served in the U.S. military, Estrada is a married father and the pastor of Bethel Radikal Generation (BRG) Church* in Phenix City, also known by its Spanish name, La Iglesia Betel Generacíon Radikal*. He moved to Phenix City around 2009.

He also told the council he wouldn’t have a problem being an independent decision maker and also delving deeper into issues as necessary to make informed decisions.

The council also interviewed two other candidates: Stamp, and also Theri Brooks. Estrada’s term begins in June and expires in June of 2023.

*Church’s name is intentionally spelled as it appears on Internet listings.