CVCC experiences enrollment increase

CVCC experiences enrollment increase

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Enrollment numbers are up at Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC) with about 1,530 students officially taking classes.  That’s a 12 percent increase from fall 2017.  The community college has experienced this upward trend for the last two semesters with enrollment numbers this past summer reaching 887 compared to 720 in the summer of 2017.

Increasing enrollment numbers at CVCC has been the focus of the Strategic Enrollment Committee for the past year and continues to be a major emphasis for President Jackie Screws who officially began her tenure in February.  President Screws is pleased with the work of the committee to develop and implement new procedures that not only encourage students to apply, but also streamline the registration process.  Screws has led the charge and worked with college faculty, staff, and leaders to implement strategies based on providing excellent customer service to the College’s current students, potential future students, and parents.  Procedures implemented include revamping the registration process to ensure a more user-friendly experience by centralizing the process in the Instructional and Performing Arts Center.  Additionally, events such as the recent CVCC bus tour, where staff and faculty traveled to various places in the community, made it convenient for community members to apply and learn more about the College’s offerings and scholarship opportunities.

“Our theme here is ‘Your community, your college,’” said President Jackie Screws.  “This enrollment increase is good news for the entire community.  Not only is it beneficial for those students who have the opportunity to take advantage of the variety of offerings we have here at CVCC, but also the more students we have, the better it is for our workforce as we help prepare students to enter into their field of study or matriculate to a higher institution.  A positive effect on our economy means a positive effect on our community.  This is a small increase, but a significant one as well.  We are working hard to build off of this momentum.”

The College has set goals and objectives in its newly developed strategic plan that are tied to enrollment and plans to share the plan with the community in the coming months.