Helping to heal with the comfort of a quilt

Helping to heal with the comfort of a quilt

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By Denise DuBois

The Gala Quilters Guild met on Saturday at Trinity United Methodist Church with a special guest in mind. Adee Nelms is a quilter who began an organization called Mend. Through Mend, quilters have the opportunity to make quilts or donate fabrics that can be given to women and children at Hope Harbor, a domestic violence shelter.

“I started Mend after going through a traumatic family event. It was a very personal project for me,” Nelms said. “I knew the love and comfort a quilt brings when you wrap up in it you feel secure. This is something these women and children have lost.”

Knowing that, the guild worked from last spring through December making fabric toys to donate to the shelter.

“This past year, we had a charity project of making fabric toys and doll along with doll quilts to give to children who are at the shelter Hope Harbor so they can pass those on to children who they feel are in need of something comforting,” said Linda Walker, vice president of the Gala Quilters Guild. “We hope we can make a little kid a little happier in a time of great stress.”

Nelms said this partnership with the guild was perfect because building a quilt is much like building a life.

“Quilters mend. We cut things apart and put them back together and while were doing that, these ladies are mending their lives and putting them back together,” she said.

The guild has been in the area for more than 30 years. The group meets the third Saturday of the month at Trinity United Methodist Church on 5th Avenue in Phenix City and has a workshop and a meeting. During the workshop, Walker said the group learns a technique or something interesting from another member of the group. The guild is open to all levels of quilters. For more information about the guild, find them at