Lee County leader honored with Farm-City award, Russell County wins award

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Pike County’s Randy Hale and Lee County’s Richard Guthrie were honored for dedication to bridging the gap between rural and urban life at the Alabama Farm-City Awards Luncheon in Birmingham April 5.

Hale received the Volunteer of the Year Award, while Guthrie was presented the Service Award for going above and beyond professional duties to fulfill the organization’s mission.

Alabama Farm-City Committee Chairman Jeff Helms said both men are true friends to agriculture.

“Alabama Farm-City has been blessed by our award winners,” Helms said. “Randy’s tireless dedication to cultivating relationships between rural and urban families has made his county committee one of the best in the state. Dr. Guthrie has devoted his personal and professional life to promoting agriculture, and countless students, staff, colleagues and friends have benefitted from his enthusiasm.”

Dr. Guthrie is a former dean of Auburn University’s College of Agriculture. A member of the Lee County Farm-City Committee since 2010, Guthrie has planned and worked at Farm-City events, including farm tours and educational booths at Ag Roundup and Ag Discovery Day.

Through his work at Auburn, he encouraged students to become more active in Farm-City activities. Additionally, his relationships with farmers and community leaders strengthened the committee and agriculture as a whole. Guthrie’s nominator described him as “dependable, knowledgeable, ethical and sincere.”