Little Lending Library opens near Riverview

Little Lending Library opens near Riverview

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By Denise DuBois

Just off the street under a small tree growing in front of Troy University’s Riverfront campus stands a box with a latch that small hands can open. The box is colorfully and whimsically painted – a contrast to the stately university behind it. But this box isn’t for the scholars entering the glass doors. This box contains all the necessary items for a vivid imagination: unexplored worlds, magic and the uncanny. This box is for books.

If you need one, take one. If you have one, leave one.

“Sometimes great things come in really small packages. Sometimes small things are important and sometimes they’re powerful. They make an impact – that means they make a difference,” Dr. David White told a few kids last week. “Sometimes they’re symbolic – they have meaning. This Little Lending Library has meaning in that it’s a partnership from the kids in the housing authority that painted it and the people in our community who put books in it.”

White, Vice Chancellor of Troy’s Riverfont campus, and Troy University hosted children from Riverview Apartments last week to cut the ribbon to one of five Little Lending Libraries that have been strategically placed throughout Phenix City.

“It’s great for our community,” he said. “It’s a great way to encourage reading. It’s a great example of something that’s really small that is really, really powerful.”

The box library is open for anyone in the community to grab a book, mostly children’s books, when you feel the need to encourage your imagination or awaken your dreams. While Troy will maintain the library, the community is encouraged to put books in it at any time.

The libraries are a neighborhood project that came from Together 2016, an initiative to improve the Chattahoochee Valley. A total of 50 were placed throughout the Chattahoochee Valley area.