Man dies by gunfire on Wills Avenue

Man dies by gunfire on Wills Avenue

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By Toni Stauffer

Sheriff Heath Taylor held a press conference at 4 p.m. ET on Feb. 1 to announce details regarding the murder of 38-year-old Keith Ledon Miles. A call about the shooting on Will Avenue in Phenix City came into the Sheriff’s Department at approximately 9:22 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31. 

Miles was allegedly shot by 36-year-old Roger Jay Jones at a nighttime gathering. The sheriff said that Jones was a friend and neighbor to Miles. Miles had been shot in the head and died enroute to the hospital, despite efforts by medical personnel to save him. 

The Department put out an alert for the white, 2004 Cadillac DeVille in which Jones had fled. Phenix City PD spotted the car and went in pursuit, a chase that lasted seven to eight miles, as described by Lt. Barr, that went from 16th street to 5th street, up 431 and back to 5th Street where it ended when Jones crashed the vehicle.

Jones has been arrested and charged with murder. 

As for motive, Sheriff Taylor said, “We’ll be able to show that Mr. Jones was probably under some influence of narcotics. I believe he was paranoid. . . in a high paranoid state.” 

Present at the press conference were Lt. Barr, Chief of Investigations; Betty Jean Miles, the victim’s mother; Patricia Miles, his aunt and Roosevelt Miles, his uncle. The Sheriff gave the family a moment to address the press. 

His aunt described him as being a “fine young man” who was generous and caring. 

This makes the third death, the other being the double homicide in Seale that the Sheriff Department has had to investigate since January. 

“We’ve had two cases. This case is unique from the other case,” Taylor said. “We’ve worked hard and we’ll be able to solve both of them. I don’t know that I’m read to say that our community has gone down the drain. I still say we have a safe community.”