STEM study changes coming soon

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Though the school year has just ended, Phenix City Schools (PCS) is already making big changes in much of its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum for the upcoming school year. For the past several months, leaders have been in search of a comprehensive pre-school through 12th grade coding (computer programming) curriculum progression.

PCS has determined it will end block-based coding (an interface that allowed computer programs to be built by simply dragging and dropping puzzle blocks to represent complex programming constructs and commands) at the end of the sixth grade. Script coding (computing languages to perform certain functions) will be implemented in grades seven through 12.

Coding will continue to be taught in each of the elementary schools’ SmartLabs; robotics will be moved from eighth grade to the sixth grade; new drone technology using Java Script will be implemented in grade seven; and eighth graders will participate in a new Computer Discoveries course as will ninth graders. High school students may opt for Advanced Placement (AP) courses in grades 10 and 11, and 12th graders may participate in a new course being developed in conjunction with Total Systems (TSYS).