Lights of Hope will be live-streamed Sept. 12

Lights of Hope will be  live-streamed Sept. 12

This year the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Cancer Action Network (CAN) have had to come up with new ways to accomplish the goals of the Lights of Hope mission to fight cancer. This is the 10th Anniversary of Lights of Hope, and on Saturday, Sept. 12, Lights of Hope Across America, a live-streaming event, will be held at 4 p.m. ET, to bring cancer warriors and their supporters together to ‘bring hope home’ for fund raising, celebration, remembrance, inspiration, and awareness.

“The funds raised enable us to continue the mission,” Relay for Life event leader Dimple Davis said. “We (Lights of Hope) go every year to the legislature to bring awareness that cancer needs to be a priority even during this time. Coronavirus can’t stop our fight against cancer.”

The organization hopes to have people dedicate more than 40,000 Lights of Hope bags for the 2020 ceremony. The purpose of the lights is to send a visible reminder to Congress that it needs to do more to help fight cancer. 

Volunteers are asked to set up Lights of Hope displays in the morning or early afternoon on the event day and to share pictures via social media, which might possibly be featured on the livestream event #LightsofHope. Dimple said that the local group is decorating the bags for everyone, each bag featuring a picture and name in honor of someone who either lost their battle or survived. Bags are $10 each and fundraising at the end of day on Sept. 12. 

The local display will be at Summerville United Methodist Church, 1201 32nd Street, at 7:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., ET. Currently, the national livestream is still being planned, but will possibly come from the Lincoln Memorial with a Lights of Hope display as the backdrop like last year, which featured an impressive 40,000 bags. Please be sure to share this event with neighbors, family, friends, and others. 

“Funds raised help with research, advocacy, etc.,” Dimple said. “We spend all year long either calling or sending photos, anything we can to keep on doing the fighting. It is a very important issue. We are nonpartisan, and we want the full roundtable support of everyone.”

To purchase a Light of Hope bag, call Dimple Davis at 706-593-9101, or email her at