Marian Carcache: Here’s to a darn good cup of Joe

Marian Carcache: Here’s to a darn good cup of Joe

Probably because Mama gave me coffee in my baby bottle — she didn’t know what else to do in 1954 with a screaming infant whose milk came back as a projectile the minute it hit her stomach — I’ve been a big fan of (and maybe a little addicted to) coffee all my life.

Not having much interest in flavored coffee drinks, I tend to stick to dark and smooth – no sugar, no milk.  For years, my Senseo single cup coffee maker that topped off each cup with coffee foam drew me to the kitchen every morning like a lodestone draws iron. When the Senseo wore out, I turned to Paul Newman K-cups and a red Keurig coffee maker, but knowing I was drinking hot liquid that came through plastic bothered me, as did knowing that those plastic K-cups were going to the landfills.

And then, for my birthday this year, friends Tina and Kelley gave me a life-changing gift: a French press and a can of Mama Mocha’s coffee beans.

Mama Mocha, also known as Sarah, is a local business owner who roasts her coffee right here in Auburn. For years, I’ve frequented her emporium, meeting friends there for coffee and conversation, giving Mama Mocha coffee as gifts, and occasionally indulging in one of her dessert coffees called “iced crack.” But like the old cliché about the forest and the trees, I continued to buy one-cup coffee brands until that day in February when Tina and Kelley rocked my world with a Bodum French press and a can of Sarah’s Brazilian beans, turning me into a frequent buyer.

There are so many pluses: supporting a neighbor’s growing business; providing the gardenias with coffee grinds instead of sending more plastic into the environment; and — last, but not least — enjoying a delicious elixir with the power to balance the hemispheres of my morning brain.

Here’s to a darn good cup of Joe.

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