Marian Carcache: No complaints about meatless Memorial Day

Marian Carcache: No complaints  about meatless Memorial Day

Looking over the May calendar, I realize that this very week is National Burger Day.

I have not eaten at a fast food burger restaurant in quite a number of years. Sometimes, when nobody is looking, I do slip through the Cajun-style fast food drive-thru and get some green beans and mashed potatoes – maybe even some spicy popcorn shrimp – but I can’t remember the last time I ate a beef hamburger.

When my son was small, we would buy the kids’ meals to get the toy, and then give the meal itself to a bystander. My attic is filled with Rubbermaid boxes of fast food toys, ranging from Batman and his arch-villains to Snow White and her seven dwarfs. We collected all the toys, but we didn’t eat the food.

In honor of Memorial Day this year, I invited my parents over for lunch and served Smart Dogs (meatless hot dogs) and Beyond Burgers (made from pea protein) with baked beans and chips.  I got no complaints, so I assume everybody enjoyed our meatless Memorial Day “cookout.”

Before Daddy and Mama headed home to Jernigan that afternoon, I told them about finding a new meatless barbecue that is pretty darned good if you add homemade sauce, and suggested we plan to have that for July 4. 

Being good sports, they both agreed, but I did hear one of them mumble something about some ribs in the freezer.

With the advent of a major fast food chain’s new meatless burger that is supposed to be “impossibly good,” I may just break my own rule and visit the local franchise and give it a try in honor of National Burger Day. I wonder if there will be a toy available.


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