Marian Carcache: Tricking myself into exercise

Marian Carcache: Tricking myself into exercise

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to take a baby step toward being the health conscious person I used to be. I started by signing for a massage every month. After all, Bob Hope got a massage every single day for 63 years, and he lived to be 100. As much as I don’t want to think about it, I do realize that I also need to get more physical exercise – not to lose weight, but to oxygenate blood and keep muscles and tissues and organs healthy.

In spite of the fact that I live in a town with a clean and affordable city gym for its residents, I can come up with more reasons not to “work out” than most people can count.  I am not lazy, but I don’t like to exercise.

For the first year I was a member of the gym, I was pretty loyal about doing the treadmill daily during nice weather, as long as I could arrange to be on the machine when Anderson Cooper 360 was on the television closest to me. However, if some other exerciser took it upon him- or herself to switch the TV in front of the treadmills to a sports program or game show, the jig was up.  I could barely survive the last minutes of my walking goal if Anderson vanished from the screen

My excuse for being deskbound and sedentary in cold weather is two-fold: my online job and flu season. Although I could easily get my work done on time and exercise, I have convinced myself that it would be completely irresponsible for me to go the public gym during sick season. So I tell myself that I will walk in clean open air to the museum and back at least every other day for starters.

We’re looking at a fresh new year, a clean slate.  I plan to, by hook or crook, trick myself into exercise.

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