Mark Clark: Here are the last of the worst picks ever in the MLB draft

Okay, this is the last week I will tell you about the worst draft picks by every MLB team in their histories. There have been some dillies so far. There will be more this week. Let us begin:

2006 Pittsburgh Pirates – No. 4 RHP Brad Lincoln of Houston. Lincoln made his last big-league appearance in 2014. He had a 5.65 ERA in 22 starts with the Pirates over three seasons. He also had a 3.74 ERA in 77 relief appearances during that time. Who did the Pirates miss selecting? At No. 7 the Dodgers picked Clayton Kershaw has claimed three Cy Young awards and was MVP in 2014 during his nine-year career.

1973 Texas Rangers – No. 1 SP David Clyde of Westchester High. Clyde was thought to be the second coming of Sandy Koufax. He played five seasons in the major leagues and had an 18-33 record with a 4.63 ERA with 228 strikeouts. Clyde ended his career at 26 with arm and shoulder injuries. Who did the Rangers pass on? Well, the same two players passed on by the Phillies that year – Yount and Winfield.

2008 Tampa Bay Rays – No. 1 SS Tim Beckham of Griffin High. Beckham made it to the major leagues in 2013 and is a utility infielder with a career .220 batting average. Who did the Rays pass on with their selection of Beckham? Buster Posey who was drafted by the Giants at No. 6. Posey was National League Rookie of the Year in 2010 and the league’s MVP in 2012. He has won three World Series Rings with the Giants – 2010, 2012 and 2014.

1995 Boston Red Sox – No. 15 SP Andrew Yount of Kingwood High. Yount never made it to the majors as a pitcher – especially after smashing his hand through a glass window and missing two seasons. He tried to change positions with the Tigers during his final two seasons of professional ball but could not move up. Who did the Red Sox miss out on to select Yount? Roy Halladay was picked No. 17 by the Blue Jays. Halladay was an eight-time all-star and two-time Cy Young award winner.

1992 Cincinnati Reds – No. 5 OF Chad Mottola of Central Florida. Mottola spent 13 seasons with four clubs at the Triple-A level. He hit .200 in 59 games from 1996 to 2006. Who did the Reds pass on for Mottola? Derek Jeter was picked at No. 6 by the Yankees. Jeter was a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

2006 Colorado Rockies – No. 2 SP Greg Reynolds of Stanford. Reynolds has a 7.01 ERA in 33 major league games. He was released by the Padres in 2016. Who did the Rockies pass on for Reynolds? Evan Longoria who was selected at No. 3 by the Rays. Longoria is now with the Giants and during his career has over 270 home runs, over 950 RBI and a .269 batting average. He was the 2008 Rookie of the Year and is a three-time all-star.

1991 Kansas City Royals – No. 7 OF Joe Vitiello of Alabama. Vitiello batted .242 in 282 games in the majors over a seven-year period. Who did Kansas City pass on to get Vitiello? Manny Ramirez who was selected by the Indians at No. 13. Ramirez batted .308 with 236 home runs and 804 RBI in eight seasons with the Indians.

2005 Detroit Tigers – No. 10 OF Cameron Maybin of T.C. Roberson High. Maybin never reached his potential with the Tigers but was part of a trade that brought Miguel Cabrera to Detroit. Cabrera is an 11-time all-star, two-time MVP, World Series champion and a Triple Crown winner. Who did the Tigers pass on to get Maybin? Andrew McCutchen was selected at No. 11 by the Pirates. McCutchen is a five-time all-star and former MVP.

1982 Minnesota Twins – No. 4 SP Brian Oelkers of Wichita State. Oelkers was 0-5 in 10 games for the Twins. Who did the Twins pass on to pick Oelkers? Doc Gooden was picked at No. 5 by the Mets. Gooden was National League Rookie of the Year in 1984 and the Cy Young award winner in 1985 with a 24-4 record with a 1.53 ERA.

1985 Chicago White Sox – No. 5 C Kurt Brown of Glendora High. Brown never made it to the major leagues. Who did the White Sox pass on for Brown? Barry Bonds was picked by the Pirates at No. 6. Bonds was a 14-time all-star, a seven-time MVP, had 762 home runs, 2,558 walks, 688 intentional walks, hit 73 homers in one season, was a two-time batting champion, won eight Gold Glove awards and won 12 Silver Slugger awards. Do I need to keep on going here?

2001 New York Yankees – No. 34 SS Bronson Sardinha of Kamehameha High. Sardinha played a total of 10 games in the major leagues. Who did the Yankees pass on to draft Sardinha? David Wright was the No. 38 pick for the Mets. Wright is a seven-time all-star, two-time Gold Glove award winner, two-time Silver Slugger award winner, has a career batting average of .296 with 242 home runs, 970 RBI, over 1,750 hits and is a member of the 30-30 Club.

So there, you have them. They are the worst picks each major league baseball team has made over the years. Let us hope our favorite teams do not make any further mistakes on draft day.

Mark Clark is a local sports writer for 

The Citizen of East Alabama.


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