Mark Clark: Ready for some Super Bowl trivia?

Mark Clark: Ready for some Super Bowl trivia?

Super Bowl LIV is not too far away – Feb. 2, 2020 – at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. The San Francisco 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs (Well, at least Kansas City has a team playing for a championship of some nature even though it has taken a long time to get back to this point.) right after Demi Lovato  performs her rendition of the National Anthem – or ruins it. 

Commercials will cost advertisers $5.6 million per 30 seconds of air time. So they better be really good ads that will get our attention and remain in our memories forever. There have not been a lot of good commercials in recent years. I do not remember a single Budweiser Clydesdale commercial last year. If the commercials do not make the grade, the game better be darn good.

At halftime, men may decide to remain in front of the television screen to watch Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wiggle and jiggle and perhaps even sing a word or two. Then it will be on to the second half and the last two quarters of football of the playoffs.

So in preparation for the 2020 Super Bowl LIV (That’s Super Bowl No. 54 if you have missed the local WLTZ commercials.), let’s play a little trivia.


1. Who were the MVPs of the first three Super Bowls?

2. What was the top end price for tickets for Super Bowl I?

3. What was the first Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl?

4. What player holds the record for most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl?

5. What player owns the record for most career fumbles in the Super Bowl?

6. Who is the only player on the losing team to win a Super Bowl MVP?

7. What quarterback led the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history?

8. Who is the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams?

9. Where was the coldest outdoor Super Bowl played?

10. Name the four teams to never have played in a Super Bowl/

11. The first Super Bowl pitted two different leagues against each other. What were the two leagues?

12. Who kicked the first field goal in Super Bowl history?

13. Who was the first offensive player who was not a quarterback to win the Super Bowl MVP trophy?

14. Who scored the first points in a Super Bowl?

15. Who was the first left handed quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

16. Who was the losing coach in the first Super Bowl?

17. What two cities have hosted the most Super Bowls?

18. Who has the longest interception return for a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

19. Who is the only player to intercept three passes in a Super Bowl?

20. Who was the future Super Bowl winning coach to catch a touchdown pass from Roger Staubach in Super Bowl VI?


1. Bart Starr I and II for the Green Bay Packers and Joe Namath III for the New York Jets

2.$12 and it was not a sellout

3. Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XV**

4. Timmy Smith, Washington Redskins

5. Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys

6. Chuck Howley, Dallas Cowboys

7. Tom Brady, 25 points down to the Atlanta Falcons

8. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos

9. New Orleans, Tulane Stadium 39 degrees

10. Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions

11. The National Football League and the American Football League

12. Mike Mercer, Kansas City Chiefs

13. Larry Csonka, Miami Dolphins

14. Max McGee, Green Bay Packers

15. Kenny Stabler, Oakland Raiders

16. Hank Stram, Kansas City Chiefs

17. New Orleans and Miami

18. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens 108 yards

19. Rod Martin, Oakland Raiders

20. Mike Ditka, Dallas Cowboys

**Though not a wildcard team, the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs were the first non-division winner to win a Super Bowl and the Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl again after 50 years.

Mark Clark is a local sports writer for The Citizen of East Alabama.